Theater Comedy 60 min  |  english, french, german 

In the 19th century, Nietzsche wrote that the most interesting and craziest times were always when “actors”, all kinds of actors, become the rulers. 

A mysterious creature, who is somewhere between heaven and earth invites us into a fantastic world. We suddenly find ourselves in a country that, on verge of elections. The candidate running for president is brilliant. He knows what his country needs, and he knows the concerns of the citizens. With his beautiful wife Christine-Suzanne and his indispensable assistant Rytschbiich we experience an absurd political comedy piece.

This one hour piece plays with the populist movements of our time. Ideal for audiences of 10+.

It made me laugh and cringe about the situation of our times. It was amazing!                        audience member

Actors: Nathaly Leduc, Imogen Karcher and Ramona Karcher

Produced by Coco Hanke