Coco Hanke


tragicomedy 2 x 45min | german/english

Six women who want to conquer the world, who want to realize their dream, who want to win the Oscar. This play is about the frustration and dreams of the world’s worst actresses.

Hang your coat, sit down on the couch, turn on the television and feel bad for them. Six actresses – all acting one worse than the other. They try to be telenovela stars, funeral orators and opera singers, but in reality they can only pay their bills by selling break snacks in theaters. Fame is distant and dreams become nightmares.

Crazy and beautiful – What a night, what a show! Thank you and have a lot of fun to do it all over again this evening ….   – Clown Olympics

Actors: Marcela Dias, Luise Grell, Michaela Adelberger, Imogen Karcher, Fränze Kellig
Director: Hugo Reis
Stage design: Anouchka Dschungel
Photos and Recording: Jakob Klaff


Audience Reviews

Wonderful!! Thank you so much for making me laugh   – Sig Ourney

HINGEHEN! suppppper empfehlenswert!!   – Anne Regler